Miya-Mi, 23 y.o.

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Language: russian/

Turns on: Self-sufficient, versatile personalities who know what they want from life. Sporty , big (all over)) If there are tattoos and a love of books, it will be an advantage👍🏻

Turns off: RED FLAGS or You can walk past😉 “I don’t like mercantile women” Translation: “I live with a toad on my shoulder, which constantly strangles me. Do you like toads?”.🐸 “I don’t like being asked for money” Hmm, by analogy, the girl then has to say: “I don’t like it when they ask me for sex.” “They give me free” / “I don’t pay girls in principle” “I’m a hunter, I like to win a girl with my personality, not a financial component” A hunter man in the 21st century is someone who hunts not for a skirt, but earns money👌🏻